How To Clean Sports Shoes

January 10, 2019 2 min read 0 Comments

In life, many friends are keen on sports, and sports shoes are a must-have for every sporty friend. But how should dirty sneakers be properly cleaned?

1, soaked in the upper shoes

General sports shoes can be washed with water, but can not use washing powder, because it contains phosphorus, it is easy to make the shoes yellow, the place of the heel is brushed with a toothbrush, and a layer of white paper is placed on the upper after washing. The shoes do not change color after drying. If you use long-term soaking, it will also affect the use of shoes. During the cleaning process, try not to wash or soak.

2, cleaning the smell in the shoes

It is best to wash thoroughly with white wine or white vinegar. After the shoes are cleaned, put a pot of warm water, then put a small amount of white vinegar, soak the shoes in it for about half an hour, or you can directly pour the white wine, because the liquor has a strong volatility, and it can also be used in the volatilization process. The odor of the sneakers was removed.

3, remove and wash the lace insoles

If the shoelace is not removed, it is not easy to thoroughly clean the sneakers. Because the brush can't go deep into the shoes, it can't be cleaned naturally. So before you wash the shoes, you must remove the shoelaces and wash them. The shoelaces can be washed with soap.

4, cleaning the soles of the shoes

Leather sneakers should be avoided by washing with water. Generally, they are wiped with a towel to protect the leather.

5, drowning to dry shoes

Dry the shoes in the drowning, not in the washing machine. You can squeeze the water from the place where the sponge is more than the first place, then grab the water in the middle of the shoe, and then grab the middle sole, the heel is in the front, the toe pair Behind you, start picking up your arms and stroke a few times. The more you lick, the better the shoes. After cleaning, put the tip of the shoe down on the ventilated place to dry, and dry the shoes at room temperature to prevent water from immersing in the midsole foaming material.

6, daily shoe maintenance

For leather maintenance, use shoe polish for maintenance. Always wipe clean when not wearing, then apply shoe polish to maintain the overall color of the hiking shoes. Net mesh sports shoes need to pay attention to maintenance when you don't wear them, you should hold them up. Because the mesh shoes are not stretched, they are easily deformed.