What is the difference between hiking shoes and ordinary sports shoes?

January 23, 2019 1 min read 0 Comments

1 Hiking shoes generally have a high waist and are not easy to rub the ankles.
2 The soles of hiking shoes seem to have different materials. The grip is better, and the tires are basically.
3 Hiking shoes are generally tied with laces, which is not convenient, but it is very practical and can protect the ankles.
4 The upper is generally good leather, even if it is hit by a stone, it is not easy to hurt the foot.
5 Generally, you don't need to clean it. You can use a brush to brush it.
6 The foot surface cannot bend upwards and cannot walk on the big angle mountain road.

The first characteristic of real outdoor hiking shoes is the superior waterproof function, which is not available in most ordinary sports shoes. On the basis of comfort, professional hiking shoes should be waterproof and breathable. If in winter, it is very dangerous to wear shoes with poor waterproof performance. The wet feet can be cooled 23 times faster than the dry feet, so it is easy to frostbite the feet. And ONEHOO hiking shoes not only have good waterproof performance, but also breathable and strong grip, satisfying all the requirements of mountaineering enthusiasts for hiking shoes.