How to wash chiffon shirts

December 24, 2018 2 min read 0 Comments

    How to wash chiffon shirts, chiffon shirts feel sexy and personal elegance, professional and casual temperament, is a beautiful piece that every woman cannot refuse, the editor is also the same mood as ladies. There is always a chiffon shirt in wardrobe, and the chiffon shirt is good-looking, but the chiffon shirt will be dirty after a long time. How to wash the chiffon shirt? But how to wash a chiffon shirt is reasonable, the editor will give you some easy tips to learn how to make your chiffon shirt beautiful throughout the season!

Tips 1:
    It is generally recommended that you wash your hands with water and then do not wring them out to dry directly. Silk products of different colors should be washed separately to avoid staining each other. The time of soaking and rinsing should not be too long, and the general soaking time is about three minutes. Do not rub, brush, twist, screw, or dry in a washing machine during the washing process. Precautions for washing: After dirty, please wash as soon as possible. Remember not to use a washing machine to wash.

Tips 2:
    If the chiffon shirt is slightly wrinkled, use a hanging iron. If there is no such iron in the house, you can use a metal cup filled with hot water to walk a few times in the clothes, wash it, and hang it to dry. If the wrinkles are stubborn, the only way is ironing. You can go to the laundry without an iron. If you want to iron it, the temperature should not be too high. The clothes label has a description of the degrees, I tried to blow with a hair dryer when it has not dried out, the effect is quite good. The chiffon will shrink if you use high-temperature iron it.

Chiffon shirt care tips:

    If the beloved chiffon shirt is stained with water, the editor reminds ladies that it is best not to wring them directly with their hands, and the chiffon will be deformed. If it is partially watered, you can simply soak your lady's leopard chiffon shirt in water and then stretch and iron, so you can avoid shrinking.