How to Wash Cotton Slippers

November 15, 2018 2 min read 0 Comments

When you are at home, when the cotton slippers are dirty or you need to clean the guest cotton slippers regularly, do you know how to wash cotton slippers?Let me tell you about it!

Cotton slippers used in winter are generally divided into soft bottom and hard bottom. The soft bottom is comfortable to wear, but it is very easy to be dirty. The cleaning frequency is very high. Although the hard bottom cotton slippers are not easy to be dirty, they are cleaned for heavy reasons.Very inconvenient.In order to avoid bacterial contamination caused by sweat and other factors during daily wear, it is very necessary to clean cotton slippers regularly.

Cleaning method:

Soft-skinned cotton slippers are generally made of soft TPR material. They are very comfortable to wear and can protect the floor well. How to wash soft cotton slippers?Because of the material, the phenomenon of getting bigger after wearing will occur during the wearing process.Washing can be selected by machine washing. When washing, put the slippers into the pocket and put them into the washing machine.However, in order to avoid the consequences of deformation and large slippers, it is recommended to choose hand washing.The washing steps are soaking and rubbing.

Hard-skinned cotton slippers generally use a non-slip rubber sole on the outsole. Although it is not easy to get stained when worn, it is not easy to be dirty. However, in regular cleaning, it is not possible to use machine washing because the rubber bottom will wear the washing machine. So how to wash hard cotton slippers?Wash and choose hand wash.Put the slippers into the basin and completely soak them. Apply the detergent on the cotton toe. Clean the rubber bottom first, then wash them from the shoes to the upper with a soft brush. Finally, clean and dry.