Why does leopard print popular ?

January 08, 2019 1 min read 0 Comments

No Matter you concern about fashion, or not concern about fashion, I am afraid that the leopard print is no stranger. This wild, sexy, rebellious and luxurious element often occupies a prominent position on the headlines of the fashion world. Not only Gong Li, Beyonce, and other stars like to wear leopard prints, the former US President Michelle Obama and the former South African President Mandela have also been "leopard upper body." So how is leopard print popular? Why is it long-lasting? What is the cultural significance behind it?

Since the 1950s, American underwear brand Vanity Fair began selling leopard underwear. Later, the leopard prints were also seen in the swimwear - leopard prints and women's "sexy", which were more closely linked.

In 1962, a piece of Oleg Cassini leopard fur coat worn by John F. Kennedy, the wife of President Kennedy, caused a sensation.

Today, leopard is still the darling of the big show, including leopard print dress, leopard coat etc.

However, in the 1970s and 1980s, the cultural significance of leopard prints changed. Leopard clothing has become a must-have item in the rock star wardrobe

In any case, the leopard - this large cat will never know, originally intended to hide the "protective color" in the environment, turned into clothing, turned out to be a way for humans to stand out.